The dreaded Sunday-to-Monday transition is not a made-up ailment. Most people actually do detest the thought of Monday mornings. The main reason is that Monday usually means an end to a fun weekend and getting back into the work routine. The dread for Mondays has grown to the point that the Sunday Scaries, or dreading the thought of Monday morning on a Sunday afternoon, has become a real thing. However, great leaders are known for using mental obstacles as tools to motivate themselves and even change the world.

A Fresh Start

Instead of dreading another week in the office, try thinking about Mondays as an opportunity to start over. If something went wrong in the previous week, look at Monday as a second chance to try again. The start of the week is also a great time to reflect on your purpose as a leader. This will set the tone for a productive week.

Set Goals for Yourself

As a part of starting a new week, go ahead and set aside a few minutes to think about what you want to accomplish for the week ahead. This can be in the form of a mnemonic tool like SMART goals or a simple checklist. Regardless of the method you choose, writing down the things that you want to accomplish will make you more likely to do them. Take this a step further and create a timeline for the week to avoid feeling like your goals are too big to tackle.

Think about Others

Leadership is often focused on the leader, however, a leader cannot be a leader without their team. Great leaders have been known to keep a box of thank you notes on their desk and take out five cards each Monday. By writing five thank you cards to team members, you are showing your gratitude and reflecting on the teamwork that is happening in the office.

Another great way to show your team that you are thinking about them is to schedule specific lunch meetings with your team members. This is a productive way to change up the scenery and ensure that your team members feel validated and heard.

Think about Improving Yourself

While Mondays are great times to start over, you should also take time to reflect on things that did not go so well. Use this time to think about what you can do to improve in the future. Learning from past mistakes is the only way to try something different next time.